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Teenager poster by Jessie Reich
Teenager poster by Jessie Reich.

Refresher Course: Syracuse New Times Entitled review (May, 2008)

"For an area that once hosted former Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed during his stint as a Syracuse University student during the 1960s, it's odd that there aren't more bands around town influenced by Reed's intentionally blase, proto-punk art-rock. Auburn's jangly strummers Teenager, however, prove they have a taste for heady, lo-fi recordings much like contemporaries such as Belle and Sebastian and the Arctic Monkeys, who have defined the current epoch of alt-rock."     more

Entitled makes the Post Standard's list of Top Ten Local CDs

End of an Era (Jan. 31, 2008)

Teenager will play one of the final gigs at Spirits on February 15, 2008. Spirits was the place where it all started for Teenager. Back in 1998, the original members - Taylor, Donny, Teddy, Lee de las Casas and Greg Dopko, hosted an open mic night for the month of July.

Live music at Spirits in the 1990s brought us Steve McAvoy, John Reilly, Ladybug, Dick Howard, Static Cling, Travelin' Jones, Willie Doyle, North Side Blues Band, Kevin Dorsey, Stubby Duk, Green Thoughts, Nam the Tham, John Beer, Frank Agati, Chinese Shoehorn, Whirly Ball, The Dean Martins, Jenny Chamberlain, Hoopes Park Pond Explosion, the Great Divide, Kevin Cool and all of the other Auburn musicians too countless to mention.

We Teenager dedicates this last performance to all the people that made live music so great and made us all feel lucky to be in Auburn at that time. So Teenager hopes both old and new fans will come together to reflect and celebrate and take note of the end of an era.

Entitled makes the Post Standard's list of Top Ten Local CDs Mark Bialczak's review of Teenager's Entitled

Entitled: On Mark Biaczak's Top Ten CNY CDs of 2007 (Dec. 30, 2007)

In the Dec. 30, 2007 edition of The Post Standard, Teenager's CD Entitled was chosen as one of the Top Ten CDs of 2007 by Mark Bialczak. Bialczak also wrote a review in which he states, "They rock out with a fresh pop sensibility. Their vocal harmonies stack organically, never forced. There's a tasty morsel of Beatles ambience lying comfortably behind the whole thing."

Teenager Releases Entitled

Teenager, a five-member band from Auburn, NY, unveiled its first CD Entitled at a CD release party on December 21, 2007 at Spirits Tavern in Auburn. The CD features 17 original tracks, spanning from the anthem “Alamo” to the dream-like quality of  “Brightest Diamond.”

Entitled is a collection of songs written by Teddy Curry, Donny Alger and Taylor Price, who were three of the original founding members of Teenager in its first incarnation in the summer of 1998. The new line-up features Curry on rhythm guitar, Alger on lead guitar, Price on bass, and newcomers Beth Beer on drums and Theresa Walsh on keyboards.

Curry’s lyrics are subtle and subversive enveloped by pop hooks and catchy melodies. The guitar drone and tambourine reverberation of Price’s “Droppin’ Out” echoes the sonic renderings of The Jesus and Mary Chain. The sound Teenager creates on Entitled is familiar, yet strange. It is music out of time with the whine of today, but just in time for something new.

Entitled album cover Entitled compact disc